Before the sail race begins, I am in a funding race – to fund the berth fees by work, and by attracting business sponsorship and individual sponsorship.

How could sponsoring me benefit your business?

If you like what I am doing, are supportive, but yet not sure where there is value for you, then let’s have an informal discussion. I would love to hear about your business and your challenges. We can creatively explore areas of potential mutual benefit.

Some ideas of how I can help you?

Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race is a major global event with a public exposure that lasts in excess of 18 months. Over 200 million people in 202 countries followed Clipper 05-06 which had a calculated media value in excess of the $70 million. This interest and publicity generates a direct benefit to all those that are involved in any kind of sponsorship in the Clipper Race.  

In previous races an additional form of involvement has been encouraged in order to assist some potential crew members to take part. This has now been formalised under the heading of Clipper Crew Sponsorship and is designed so that sponsors can have an active association with the Clipper 11-12 race through sponsoring a crew member. 

The aim of crew sponsorship is to enable a variety of crew members to participate who would not normally have had the opportunity. To these individuals, it will enable them to achieve what might otherwise be impossible dream. They will realise their full potential and, above all, bring back added values and energy into their parent communities and associations.  

Crew sponsorship benefits 

Benefits to all parties involved commence when crew members start their selection and training. It then continues throughout the race, peaking as their sponsored crew members join the race. This could be a period well in excess of a year. 

WARNING: Involvement in the race, either first hand or by association, is infectious! One of the many attractions is that, with the lovely mix of individuals involved, the race is rich in stories of personal endeavours and interest. With the benefit of modern communication these can easily be shared by a large number of enthusiastic followers. 

Private Crew Sponsorship

Private sponsorship of a crew member is when a company, organisation or individual decides to sponsor a crew member directly for a sum agreed between the two parties. In this case Clipper Ventures is not involved.

A summary of the benefits is as follows:

  • Wearing a companies logo on clothing


Wearing sponsored clothing prior to or during the race. I can wear sponsored clothing while at sea or put your logo on wet weather clothing. A company can be worn on a collar of a polo shirt underneath the official race kit, or on a T-shirt during the race in warmer conditions. All crew are expected to wear their official race kit when they appear as a member of the Clipper race team, including when arriving in or departing from port and at other official race functions.

  • Motivational speaking


An accomplished public speaker I can talk about team building, management and leadership in the context of a sailing vessel.  I have both military and corporate management and leadership experience.  I am also a Commercially Endorsed Yacht Skipper.


  • Use of official crew member logo for sponsors
  • Use of official images for PR
  • Use of sponsored crew generated images, blogs and videos
  • Visits by small groups of sponsors in port stop overs


If you are interested in further details about sponsoring me in this adventure, please contact me.  



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