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Help and support As you would expect from one of the UK's leading businesses, you will be given training, advice and ongoing guidance to help you succeed. Although you will be in business for yourself, you will never be by yourself. You can expect the following benefits:

1. Regular e-mails for you and your group for information, inspiration, motivation and recognition, as well as top tips for massive growth of your business from the top earners in Telecom Plus.

2. Access to the best Distributors who have excelled in certain disciplines, whether you want assistance in gathering customers, building a team, working your warm market, advertising, direct mail and working shows and fetes. We have the expertise to help you!

3. FREE ongoing training by your upline sponsorship team. Your immediate sponsor (the person who introduced you to the Utility Warehouse) will give you the support you need to get started and there are several people in your upline organisation who are keen to help you succeed. They will be happy to assist you with training and support, especially in your first few months.

4. FREE College of Excellence training is held at over 35 locations around the country. They will equip you to gather customers easily whilst building a huge team of Distributors who will put money in your pocket every month.

5. 24-hour telephone recruiting message. Direct your prospects to our pre-recorded telephone information line on 020 8955 5678. This gives them a multitude of clear reasons why they should join.

6. Your own personal company web site, available to all Distributors. Check your customer status, growth of your team and all the latest company news.



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